Dr. Sarah Schons MD PHD
Integrative Ganzheitsmedizin
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TELEPHONE            0211-4911045
Monday to Thursday  (appointments, prescriptions) 11:00 - 14:00

This is an important contact between you and us.
There is a lot we can clear up over the phone. Please tell us the reason for your call so that we can have the necessary documentation at our fingertips.

All consultations are by appointment only - in order that we can be more flexible and react to your immediate needs.

If you are unable to keep an appointment we would very much appreciate it if you would cancel as soon as possible.

For certain treatments we have reserved time-fields in order to keep consultation with the physician undisturbed.

For acute medical conditions e.g. colics, respiratory problems, fever, please tells us when registering in order that we can attend to you accordingly.

Laboratory results  - usually you can phone us about three days after your laboratory appointment. If there is an abnormal result we will arrange an appointment for a consultation.

Treatments are fixed appointments in certain time fields.

Medical certificates are only issued with a personal consultation and examination.
Please note: Medical certificates are subject to fees.


The calming and pleasant ambience in our practice is important to us. Our surgery is a meeting point. People present have different problems, ailments or existential orientation disturbances. We can all contribute to a relaxed and beneficial ambience. With your help and our team we can achieve a pleasant and calming ambience. Candour and constructive criticism are important to us and towards your health. And that‘s why we are here.


The consultation serves as a basis for an exchange of information between your consultant and yourself. Important data concerning your health status must be filed with us. Your data is strictly protected. Should your consultation be interrupted by a phone call or the like, you can be sure it is an urgent matter.

For an extensive and detailed consultation we can arrange a special appointment.

We will endeavour to make an examination as comfortable as possible. Examination details and results will be be immediately explained.

Integrative Holistic Medicine first contact consultations and therapy plannings are very time-consuming and therefore have priority. If you are unable to keep an appointment, we urgently ask you to cancel as soon as possible.

We would suggest to parents who are accompanying their children to a consultation to prepare them as well as possible for their visit and also we suggest bringing along their favourite toy or plaything.

Your treatment is always paramount. Please cooperate and understand that during treatment time there will not be time for a detailed consultation. At the start and closure of every treatment cyclus we can make an appointment for a specialised consultation.

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